Why I Brew

Are you a homebrewer? If so, why do you brew beer? In my case, I have several reasons, all of which I use as justification for my hobby.

  1. I like beer. Actually, I like GREAT beer. I enjoy drinking a complex beer, one that I can think about even after the taste is removed from my palate. I drink beer because it is good tasting, refreshing, and enjoyable. Unlike my teenage years when I consumed mass quantities of flavorless water with only one end in mind, I now drink beer to enjoy living.
  2. I began brewing to save money. If you are currently brewing beer, you might be laughing to yourself right now. It sounds good in principle and it certainly can be true, but if you are like me, you’ll be spending more money on homebrewing than you would by purchasing a well-brewed finished product. However, there are many very successful homebrewers who use buckets and pots – the same ones that they started out with. You can spend as little or as much as you want, and still end up with a great beer.
  3. I like a challenge. I’ve been competitive for all of my life. My goal this year is to enter into competition. Although I brew my beer for myself (and really no one else), it is nice to have affirmation that you are doing things right. My 2014 goal is to enter into a brewing competition and win.
  4. Brewing beer allows me to keep my mind active. I repeat myself – I enjoy learning. There are so many aspects of brewing beer, my fear is I’ll run out of time before I learn all there is to know.

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