total knee replacement

Still alive

It’s been a while. Quite a while.

A lot has happened. Having a total knee replacement and soon to have Rotator Cuff surgery, I’ve been literally out of commission. For several weeks, I didn’t even have a beer! After the knee replacement, I had absolutely no desire to have a beer. Must have been the medication. Don’t worry, I’m enjoying a Poet¬†by New Holland Brewing Co. as I type this post.

I haven’t been able to brew due to surgery and other developments. The doctor gave me a two-thumbs up last week, but now I won’t be able to lift anything for the next month or so. Today I began working on my new brewery. During my convalescence I decided to go electric on my brewery. So, last Friday I decided to do as much as I could to get the process started. Additionally, I’ll be making a clean-room for my yeast. I began working on a home-made laminar hood and decided to take over a room in the basement for the brewery. Walls came down and carpet left the room today with hopes of painting the floor with a two-part epoxy on Tuesday. I’ll be out of commission for about a month, but at least I’m on my way.

The next time you see a post, I should have the ability to continue working on the brewery. Can’t wait.


UPDATE 04/17/2015

What I was able to accomplish prior to surgery.