Quality Control Experiments

Yes, I need to finish the Current Project blog, however, I am beginning several experiments at the same time. Having found wild yeast and Gram-positive cocci, I am concerned that my seemingly clean lab / brewing area is really a hot-bed for bacteria. It helps that my Universal Beer Agar has about two weeks of shelf life, so why not begin the experiments now. I’ll also be culturing some English Ale yeast to test several storage techniques – I’ll cover that in another blog.

To begin this experiment, I decided to place two open plates on my cabinets. Last night I placed an open UBA plate on my peninsula cabinet and an open agar plate near my test equipment. Believing that both the wild yeast and cocci came from a test tube sitting open in the rack, I hope the air samples can substantiate my hypothesis.

DSC00562                   DSC00563

Tonight I swabbed four areas; the first being the counter where the agar plate was sitting. Although I am judicious and clean my work areas prior to doing anything, for this experiment I did not clean the area with disinfectant prior to swabbing. The second area swabbed was the stove. Circles represent areas that were swabbed.

cabinet                   Stove

The test tube holders are another area as a possible bacteria cesspool, along with the various pieces of lab equipment. The other area, although not used while brewing, is the incubator.

lab equipment                    Incubator

I placed all inoculated plates into the incubator at 80° F and will check them in 72-hours. Assuming each plate grows a culture, I will post the results after they are stained and examined.


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